PCI-Express (PCIe) applications, FPGA


CPCI-Connector PCI-Express (PCIe) is the established successor to the common PCI bus. The serial PCIe protocol comprises an enhanced bandwidth, while the number of lanes is even lower.

PCIe easily enables connections from SoCs (e.g. Xilinx Zynq or Intel/Altera Cyclone 5) to a host CPU, no matter if inside a PC housing or a CPCI rack.


PCI-Express with FPGAs

With FPGAs, external components such as:

  • Digital-IO
  • ADCs
  • DACs
  • field busses

may be connected via PCI-Express to the host processor. For the implementation, we use hard- and soft IP macros.

PCI-Express: PCB

PCI-Express is a space-saving in terms of PCB area. The serial, high-frequency data transmission requries impedance-controlled differential routing.

abaxor engineering designs a board, a FPGA designand even operating system drivers to your needs.