Abaxor SPU & Baseboard

Abaxor SPU & Baseboard

This board empowers you to design control applications,

  • controllers
  • medical engineering
  • development board

The unit is easy to integrate with other hardware thanks to its two TE-board-to-board-connectors einfach in andere Hardware integrieren.

IO-pins are accessible via the 2.54mm standard headers.


The controller unit features the following

  • Cyclone V 5CEBA2U15*
  • Altera FPGA configuration flash
  • selectable power supply 2,5V/3,3V (jumper)
  • 36 user IO, accessible via header
  • 2x TE connectivity 5179029/30/31-1-board-to-board-connectors
  • size 58 mm x 38 mm
  • reference project

The shipment of the SPU contains:

  • abaxor SPU
  • test design for SPU

The shipment of the baseboard contains:

  • abaxor baseboard

Both the abaxor SPU and the baseboard can be purchased separately.

If you have questions regarding the SPU, please contact us. We also offer to develop a suitable FPGA design for you.

*In order to create your own FPGA design, the Altera FPGA design software "Quartus" is required.  The embedded Cyclone V 5CEBA2U15 FPGA is supported by the free Web edition.