As a provider for FPGA-Design we develop, implement and verify customer-specific, programmable logic in VHDL. The start-up takes place on your hardware, depending on the circumstances either on your site or at our premises.
We have a longterm experience in FPGA design, with our special competence being in the sector of signal processing, sensor interfaces and communication interfaces. An intensive utilization of an FPGA's opportunities makes it more than just „glue logic”, it will become the mainstay of your system, which effectively provides crucial functions.

Ease Structure
In conjunction with the Model Based Design approach, even complex algorithms can be verified to a large extent. The applications of FPGAs are versatile (Examples). In our projects, we could gain a lot of experience with various common FPGA types.


  • digital signal processing, computer algebra
  • Design and implementation of control processes
  • porting of C/C++ applications on FPGAs
  • embedded systems
  • implementation of linear algorithms, e.g. in form of PID controllers and FIR and IIR filters by way of VHDL or Verilog
  • implementation of non-linear algorithms, e.g. piezo controller/circuit amplifier by way of VHDL or verilog
  • large experience in using Xilinx-FPGAs of the Spartan and Virtex families as well as of ALtera SoCs,
  • Microsemi-FPGAs of the Fusion and ProAsic families and Lattice (XP2 and ECP2M)
  • FPGA as ASIC prototypes
  • Image processing
  • customer-specific measuring
  • PCI-Express (PCIe) applications
  • software defined radio (SDR)
  • memory interfaces, memory controller for SRAM and SDRAM as DDR and DDR2
  • sensor interfaces
  • display interfaces for LCD/TFT displays
  • communication interfaces USB, ATA/ATAPI, SPI
  • co-simulation Modelsim with Matlab/Simulink